Information We Store

Living People Policy

At Ancestorian, we believe in the privacy of living people. Therefore, regardless of whether you allow us to keep records of individuals in our system, all living people and any identifying information about them will be deleted from our files immediately following GEDCOM import and processing.

What We Do with Individual Ancestor Details

During GEDCOM import, you are given the option of allowing us to keep details of all non-living individuals. At the moment, this information isn't used by Ancestorian but if you allow us to keep a record if it, that is great because we may implement some new features one day and this sort of information is potentially helpful.

When you have allowed the information to be stored, we are keeping record of:

  • Names of individuals
  • Their parentage
  • Their children
  • Relationships within their tree
  • Locations and dates of events in their lives

We will NOT maintain any records for people who are or may be living.

If and when we decide to implement a feature that uses this information, you will always have the ability to remove it from Ancestorian with immediate effect.