Guide: What You Can Do on a Place Page

NOTICE: We have greatly simplified Ancestorian - This page will be updated soon

Every place in Ancestorian has it's own page. There is much that can be done on an Ancestorian place page - even more if there are a few active researchers there. Let this guide show you around a place page and introduce the possibilities.

1.) Visit a Place Page - Add Place as Research Interest

Here, we are seeing the page for Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, England

At the top of the page, following the place name is a large green button offering us the ability to add Rickmansworth to 'Your Places'. If you are researching Rickmansworth and want to find other researchers of the area, you should add it as a research interest by clicking this button. 

We will do that in this guide and you will see the result  in the next image.

Under the button is a list of links to sub sections of the place page. If you don't want to scroll, you can just go straight to another part of the page using these. 


2.) Place is now 'Your Place'

For this guide, we clicked the green button in the previous step and have made Rickmansworth one of our places. This means that other people searching here can see that we are interested. Maybe they will contact us via the Ancestorian messaging system, perhaps we will see each other in a group, etc.

You see that the green button is now replaces with a black 'Your Place' button. Next to this, we also see that the toggle for public/private is on, so Rickmansworth is shown publicly as a research interest (only to logged in users). 
You can click the toggle to set it to private.

3.) Find Researchers and Help for the Place

A little further down the page you will find the Researchers/Experts/Historians section. You may find an advert first but unfortunately that is necessary to pay the huge hosting bills.

The members listed here are people like you who have added Rickmansworth as a research interest and made it public. The guide was made using member 'evitester'. You see he is here in the list and because he is the logged in user, we see he is highlighted blue. This could be you!

You can click on a member's name to get to their profile and reach out to them. Maybe they can help with your Rickmansworth research. 
See all those symbols to the right of each name? They tell you what expertise each user has... as soon as users start to activate them. See how in the next section.


4.) Say What Expertise You Have for a Place

See how 'evitester' now has some of those symbols showing as active (black)? This is because he has activated his expertise. 
You can do this in two places... either by clicking on each symbol in your row on the researcher table or by using the toggles in the 'Manage Your Place' box which is in the right side toolbar (also shown here).

Not everyone is an expert on a place because they research it... you can also be an expert because you were born somewhere, it's where you live now, you can take photos of it, you have access to archives, etc.

Click on a symbol to activate it. The symbols relate to the titles in the box on the right... or you can hover the mouse and see what it means... 
From left to right... Family History, Hometown, I live here, I have documents, I can take photos, I can do record look-ups.

The power of Ancestorian is in community. The more places you can show other members that you can help with, the more help you will be able to give and to receive. 

5.) Surnames in Place - And Common Researchers

Ancestorian takes things a step further. We can see what surnames are researched in each place.

Furthermore, if a researcher is researching both a place and a surname, we show this to you too.

Surnames shown with orange background are found in GEDCOMs (that have been imported to Ancestorian) connected this place. 

Surnames with a green background are not just common to the place, they are actively researched by Ancestorian members who are also researching this place.

So, in this example, if you are researching Palmer and Rickmansworth, hover over the green Palmer name and you will see three users also researching both Palmer and Rickmansworth. These may be very important connections for your future research.

Enjoy the community. 

5b.) BONUS - Manually link another surname to place

Use the search form under the surname list and link another surname to this place. Easy as 123.

6.) Save Time and Upload a  GEDCOM

So, you just realised the huge possibilities of ways to connect on Ancestorian and want to save time and link all of your surnames with places?

No problem, we have a link on every place page... you can click it and upload a GEDCOM file and become a power user. It's also free, of course.

7.) Related/Merged Places - We Cleaned Up for You

Ancestorian wouldn't be the clean and organised site it is without our comprehensive tidying up scripts, our place naming conventions and our wonderful admin team... there are thousands of poorly formatted place names imported every day. We clean them up and give you just one.

So, here you see the merged or related place names that have been merged to Rickmansworth.

If you see such a list and have a convincing reason that there is as item there that is better spelt or formatted according to our conventions... then you can suggest a split. If it is approved, a second place page would be created.

This is something best left alone if you are not confident about what you are doing. But even so, we have systems in place that you don't need to be concerned about breaking anything.

It can be amusing to look through the shocking misspellings that people have in some of their GEDCOM files. Enjoy these lists for what they are... a big rubbish bin. 

8.) Place Group - None? Create One!

Ancestorian is about community, so just like Facebook, we have the ability to start and join groups.

A powerful feature is that you can connect a group to a place. If the place you are viewing doesn't yet have a group, you can create it with one click on a button. You will become the first member and administrator of the group. 

9.) Place Group - Visit and Join

'evitester' clicked the green 'Create Group' button and the page has reloaded. Now Rickmansworth has an official group and 'evitester' is admin.

Any user visiting the Rickmansworth page in the future will see this 'Visit Group' button and can go and join.

How many groups are you active in so far?

10.) Similar Place Names

In our efforts to continue cleaning up the poorly defined place names that are imported into Ancestorian every day, here we show you a list of any similar names that we have found in our search.

This is your chance to contribute to the upkeep of the site - and earn some more points in the process.
If you are convinced that Rickmansworth West, England is a subsection of Rickmansworth or another poorly defined version of Rickmansworth, you should click the 'Merge to Here' button and start the process of cleaning up.


11.) Search Another Place to Merge to

Perhaps you have a feeling you saw another place that you think was also this Rickmansworth.

If you, you can search for it in the search box provided... and then also suggest a merge. 

12.) Comments - Open Text

Finally, every place page has a comments area. Just like on a Blog site, you can use your Facebook account to comment here. You can also choose to share your comment on Facebook, which will link it to this place page on Ancestorian and can be a helpful way to share the page directly to your friends.