Guide: How to Find People Researching the Same Name as You

This is a really short guide because, well... frankly, this is what Ancestorian makes so easy! Read on.

1.) Visit the Search Surnames page

In the main (black background) menu bar, select:
Surnames → Search Surnames

2.) Search for a Surname

In this example, we have searched for ‘sco’

You will see a result list of surnames featuring the searched term or related terms.

You can order the list by clicking on a header. Here, we have clicked on ‘Researchers’ so we can see which surnames have the most activity.

To view the surname you want, click on either the name link or the corresponding view button. If you want to add the surname as one of your research interests (recommended if you want to find people researching it), then click the corresponding green '+ Your Surnames' button.

3.) Visit a Surname Page - Add Surname as Research Interest

Here, we are seeing the page for Scotney

At the top of the page, if it isn't already one of your researched surnames, is a button to enable you to add it to 'Your Surnames'.
In this guide, 'evitester' had already added Scotney as one of his research interests but the name is not shown publicly in his account profile.


4.) Surname is 'Your Surname' and Public

Clicking the Public/Private toggle makes the surname research interest public.

Now, other users on Ancestorian can discover their shared interest in the Scotney name and reach out to 'evitester' via the message system or in a group.

5.) Find Researchers and Help for the Surname

A little further down the page (maybe an advert come first, these are the only way that Ancestorian makes a few cents that we need to pay the huge hosting bills) you will find the Researchers/Experts/Historians section.

The members listed here are people like you who have added Scotney as a research interest and made it public. The guide was made using member 'evitester'.

You can click on a member's name to get to their profile and reach out to them. Maybe they can help with your Scotney research.