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Transcripts of Memorial Inscriptions in Bunclody Old Cemetery, Co. Wexford

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Thanks to @normansheridan for posting an album of photographs taken in Bunclody Old Cemetery. Very, very useful information, as finding where ancestors were buried is a key part of understanding a family history. The photos relate to Sheridan and Wall families, and descendants.

Seeing these prompted me to look at transcripts of the memorial inscriptions in that graveyard, which are available online at the Bunclody information webpages. Several pages staring at

On the second page there is a record of this fascinating memorial:

“Erected by Mrs. H. O'Connor Sherbrooke Canada East in memory of her father JAMES WALL Newtownbarry died Sept. 23rd 1863 aged 50 years her sister MARY WALL died Sept. 27th 1863 aged 22 years.”

Note the reference to “Canada East” the name the English gave to Quebec, which dates the erection of the memorial to before 1867, when the name was changed. A more important point is the location – Sherbrooke. This is the same place MaryWright and MarciaSloanQuinn ancestor Michael Sheridan apparently emigrated to. It proves that other people from Bunclody were in Sherbrooke at the same time. I had wondered how/why he would make his way there of all places. The answer was usually that they went somewhere that someone else from the vicinity had already gone to. Finally, is this one of the Wall families normansheridan is interested in?

Another memorial of interest is this one:

“Thy will be done erected by CATHERINE BRENNAN Ballypreacus in loving memory of her father MATTHEW BRENNAN died Feb. 10th 1881 aged 66 years and her mother MARY BRENNAN DOYLE died Jan. 22nd 1907aged 74 years also her brothers PATRICK died Sep. 24th 1916 aged 53 years LOUGHLIN died April 21st 1935 aged 61 years EDWARD died in Maryborough Aug. 23rd 1911 aged 43 years and JAMES also the above CATHERINE BRENNAN died Feb. 2nd aged 76 years.”

This is the family of the Matthew Brennan who acquired what had been the farm of Thomas Sheridan between 1846 and 1853.

Also, several other Sheridan and Ballyprcecas families are among the transcribed gravestone inscriptions from the Old Cemetery.

A complete list of those buried in the new Bunclody Calvary Cemetery is available at


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Could be very useful indeed -- I will look to if I can find any kind of connection between the Wall's or O'Connors with the Sheridan's in Sherbrooke.
1 year ago