Welcome to Ancestorian – We have Retired the Evidentree Name

Did you notice that you have ended up on a site called Ancestorian even though you thought you were going to Ancestorian?

We would forgive if you if you didn't. After all, the logo looks almost the same, with just the name Ancestorian taking place of Ancestorian. Yes, we have rebranded to avoid the confusion created by having tree in our name. There are no trees on Ancestorian (Ancestorian).

Are You an Ancestorian?


UK / æn.sestɔː.ri.ən / US / æn.sestɔːr.i.ən /

NOUN [countable]

  1. A person who studies their or others’ family history.
    according to an ancestorian, she came from a long line of millers
  2. An online community of passionate family historians who share and collaborate with each other at www.ancestorian.com.
    he spent hours sharing his knowledge on the ancestorian social network
  3. A member of the website described in definition 2.
    the ancestorians benefit immensely from their community

Synonyms: genealogist, family historian


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