Evidentree is Growing Fast – Every New Member Brings New Connections

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In the last few minutes, Ancestorian had its 300th member register. Having launched just 5 weeks ago, we appear to be averaging just over 8 new members each day. The Significance of New Members Every new member that joins the Ancestorian community brings a multitude of connections. If they import a GEDCOM file, they often bring hundreds, if not thousands, of new links between surnames and …

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We Moved, Did You Notice?

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Just ten days following the launch of Evidentree, we have had to move servers due to the huge demand for the site. Our new home is much faster than our old one so we are also able to build new features for the site. Find out all about our plans here.

What Happens When I Import a GEDCOM?

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Evidentree doesn’t work like other family history websites. We aren’t building a huge tree… and no-one can take control of your data. So why are you uploading GEDCOMs? Find out what we do with your GEDCOM and why uploading one is the easiest way to start connecting with other family historians researching the same people and places as you.