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The Ancestorian Newsletter has been a way of sending out updates from the Blog part of the site to interested users on a weekly basis.However, many users and newsletter subscribers don't seem to understand that they have requested the newsletter and have in turn reported us as Spam. We hate Spam at Ancestorian and the last thing we ever want is for users to think we are spamming them. The newsletter has, therefore, become more of a problem than it is worth to keep sending it out.

Where to Get Updates and Deals

The newsletter often contained special deals and news from Ancestorian. This information was automatically sourced from the Ancestorian Blog. We will continue to post deals and news in the Blog so one easy way to make sure you don't miss out on any deals is to check the Ancestorian Blog on a weekly basis - more often if you like, of course.

Facebook Page and Facebook Group

We also have a Facebook Page and a Facebook Group where all of our news and deals get posted. If you go and 'LIKE' the page and join the group, you can be sure not to miss out - and besides, there are a lot of nice folk over there.The Quickstart page also includes links to the Facebook Page and Group.

The Last Newsletter

The last newsletter will be the one that you receive with a link to this post in it. That newsletter will be sent on 10.03.2020Any subscribers of the newsletter (and other members who didn't subscribe) will still occasionally be contacted if there is any pressing issue that needs to be communicated with all Ancestorian users.You can set your e-mail privacy preferences in your Account area.
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I am the founder and creator of Ancestorian. My own family history interests are broad though there is some focus on Suffolk, Scotland, Nova Scotia, New Zeland and Australia. Some interesting stories from my ancestry revolve around the Guise family (a big deal in France a few centuries ago) and the McKenzie migrations from Scotland through Nova Scotia and on to Australia and New Zealand where the McKenzie family were important pioneers.
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