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How to Find, Join and Use Groups

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Ancestorian has many family history, place and surname groups which you you can join to reap the greatest benefits of our wonderful community. Regardless of where you come from, there are likely groups that you will fit perfectly in to. If not, you can start one yourself!

Groups are only as active and successful as you make them. Join a group or two that looks like it fits well with your family history or style of researching and introduce yourself to other members. If you notice that a group you join is lacking an 'Owner' and you would be interested taking on the role, let one of the Ancestorian admins know by mentioning it in the Support Group, and that can be arranged.

Navigate to Groups

In the main menu at the top of the site, click on the Groups item and you will be taken straight to 'All Groups'


Hover over the Groups item and will see three items in a sub-menu:

Arrange and Filter the Groups Directory

Various controls help you to arrange and filter groups in the directory

  • You can change between Grid View and List View with the icons to the left of the search box
  • Under Sort, you can chose to change the sorting of groups to:
    • Recently added
    • Alphabetical
    • Members count
  • You can change the sorting to be Descending or Ascending
  • Under Category you can filter the groups to just those that are related to a place, a surname or general groups

  • The most powerful filter for groups is the search box.
    Simply start typing a word into the box where it says "Start typing to search..." and the groups list will be filtered to only include groups including the characters you typed in the group name. 

    Knowledge Bite

    Filtering and Searching

    You don't have to filter or search with the start of a word... you can also type in the middle of a word and the filtering still works. See the example of a filter set for 'ambr' to the right. This still shows groups with 'Cambridge' in the name.

    This same principle applies to Google and other search systems too.
The Groups (all) Directory
Groups filtered on 'ambr'

Join a Group

  • When you have found a group that suits your needs, click Join to join the group

Create a Group

  • If there is not a group already covering the place, surname or topic you want to discuss, then click Create Group to start a new one.


About the author: Judy Brodie Admin Icon
I have been researching my family tree, since the age of 12, I have met so many friends around the world. With becoming part of Ancestorian, I have decided to share what I have, so that maybe just one researcher will get something out of my years of work.

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