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Guide: What to Post Where – The Difference between Discussion Posts and Blog Posts

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‘Discussion posts’ and ‘Blog posts’ on Ancestorian are intended for different purposes.  This Guide explains the difference so that you have a better understanding of what to post where.

You can find a link to related Guides at the end of this Guide.

Discussion Posts

Blog Posts

  • Best suited to relatively shorter, less detailed, posts that generate, and support, discussion and collaboration among members on family history research-related matters (akin to a short news-clip or item of interest).


  • Best suited to relatively longer, more detailed, posts that pull together a range of information into one place e.g., to tell a story or provide information of interest to family history researchers (akin to an article in a magazine or newspaper that will be archived and visible to everyone forever).
  • For day-to-day posting about family history research related matters e.g., to share information useful to others, seek help or advice and generally converse with other members about family history research.

This may include highlighting useful information and/or generating discussion by posting a link to an external blog or a blog created within an Ancestorian blog space.

  • For more occasional posting e.g., to draw together, in a coherent way, a range of information around a common theme e.g., an ancestor’s story, a place-related story, an approach to research, etc.

 This space is also used to provide information that supports Ancestorian members in their use of the website e.g., Guides like this one.


  • Discussion posts in 'Private' groups can be seen by group members only
  • Discussion posts in 'Open' groups will display publicly

Note: You can identify whether a group is 'Open' or 'Private' by checking the label just below its cover photo near the group title.

  • All Blog posts are public posts. These posts will be visible to everyone forever. They are searchable in search engines.




  • Discussion posts on your profile  have their level of privacy set by you.  You can choose from: 'Public';  'Site Members'; 'Friends Only' or, if you just want to make a note for yourself 'Only Me'.



To respect the privacy of others, please do not post information about living people in public spaces.

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About the author: JaneChapman Admin Icon

I am one of the volunteer Admin/Moderators at Ancestorian and a hobby genealogist. I have been researching family history since the early 1990's. Since 2013, I have been using autosomal DNA-related information, in conjunction with traditional sources of evidence, to support, or challenge, the paper trail and further my research.

Since retiring I have had more time for research. I balance my time between tackling brickwalls and digging deeper into the life and times of ancestors to try to better understand them in the context of their own time and place. Some of my research has been written up as biographical narratives on my blog pages at:

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