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Guide: Symbols/Icons on Ancestorian

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This Guide provides a summary of some of the symbols/icons you will come across on Ancestorian.  Some are more self-explanatory than others.


Website Admin – Members with this against their name when they post or comment are website admins.
Search – When located at the top of the discussion feed, this lets you search the discussion feed.  When located at the top of the webpage alongside the top menu tabs, this lets you search the website.
Menu – If you click on this, it will open up a menu of options that enable you to 'edit' ,'delete', 'pin', or 'report' a post.
Log Out – If you click here you can log out of Ancestorian


Friend Request – If there is a red number on this symbol, you are being notified that you have a friend request(s) from another Ancestorian member. Click on the symbol and accept or decline the friend request.
Private Message – If there is a red number on the envelope, you have a private message. Click on the envelope to go the Messenger.

Activity Bell – If there is a red number on the Bell, you have notifications consistent with your notification settings. Click on the Bell to go to your Notifications.

Read our Guide to Managing Notifications to learn more.

Posts and Comments

    Add Comment – Write your comment in the box above
Add Photo – Click on this to upload photos from your device
Add Audio – Click on this  to add an audio URL
Add Video – Click on this to add a video URL
Add Poll – Click on this to set up and start a poll

Post status 

When you post from your profile you can decide the status of the post - Public, Site Members Only, Friends Only, Only Me as shown below:

Public – These posts can be seen by anyone who visits the website.
Site members only– These posts can be seen by registered members of Ancestorian only.
Friends Only – These posts can be seen by those registered members of Ancestorian who you are connected to you as a ‘friend’ on Ancestorian. Note that, if one of your 'friends' comments on your post, the post will be visible to their 'friends' as well. 
Only Me – These posts can be seen by you only e.g., perhaps you want to add a reminder to yourself to check something out or research a particular line of inquiry before posting … ?
  Note:  Website Admins can see all posts even when set as ‘Friends only’ and ‘Only Me’.  This is to ensure the integrity of the Website. You can read about who the Website Admins are here: Ancestorian Admins
When Posted – Hover your mouse over this and it will tell you precisely when the post or comment was made e.g., March 10, 2021 7:54am’
Last edited – Hover your mouse over this icon and it will tell you when the post was last edited e.g., ‘Last edited March 10, 2021 7:54am’.  This icon appears only on posts not comments
  Copy Link – Click on this to copy a link to the post.
Reaction  - This allows you to react to a post or comment

When you click on this at the end of a comment, it will indicate that you Like the comment.

When you click on this at the end of a post, there are a number of reactions you can choose from. Hover your mouse over them and they tell you what they represent:




Like, Love, Haha, Wink, Wow, Sad, Angry, Crazy, Speechless, Grateful, Celebrate

Number of Reactions – This tells you how many people have reacted to the post or comment. Click on it on the webpage for more detail.
Types of Reaction – This tells what type of reactions have been made to a post. Click on it on the webpage for more detail.
  Reply– Click on this to write a response to the post or comment
Share Post – This allows you to share to a number of social media sites (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest … ), Google Bookmarks and WhatsApp.
People (Views)– The number immediately next to the eye tells you how many people have viewed the post or comment. The number in brackets tells you how many views the post or comment has had. In this example, the post or comment has been viewed 15 times by 4 different people.
  Save Posts – This allows you to save a post and view it later. You can view it via the drop down Filter at the top of the main feed (see below)
  Filter - This lets you filter which posts you want to see:
All Ancestorian -  Posts from the Entire Ancestorian Community
Your Ancestorian -  Posts only from Members & Groups you follow
  Saved – Posts you added to the “Saved” list
All Scheduled Posts – All the Ancestorian posts scheduled until later
Sort - This lets you sort new posts
New Posts – Show newest posts first
Recent Activity -Show posts with most recent comments or activity first


You will see some of the same symbols from above in the Group pages.

The following are symbols you see in relation to the Group pages only

Group Status - Anyone can join this group and participate. Non-members can see everything in the group but they can't post, comment etc.  This group is essentially a public group.
Group Status - Ancestorian users need to be invited or request group membership and be accepted to these groups. Non-members can see what the group is about but cannot see posts and comments within the group’s discussion feed.
  Note:  Website Admins can see all posts even when made within a ‘Private’ Group they are not a member of.  This is to ensure the integrity of the Website. You can read about who the Website Admins are here: Website Admins
Information – Click on this icon for more information about the Group
About the author: JaneChapman Admin Icon

I am one of the volunteer Admin/Moderators at Ancestorian and a hobby genealogist. I have been researching family history since the early 1990's. Since 2013, I have been using autosomal DNA-related information, in conjunction with traditional sources of evidence, to support, or challenge, the paper trail and further my research.

Since retiring I have had more time for research. I balance my time between tackling brickwalls and digging deeper into the life and times of ancestors to try to better understand them in the context of their own time and place. Some of my research has been written up as biographical narratives on my blog pages at:

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