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Guide: Discussion Posts – How to Post and How to Find your Posts Later

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This Guide is about Discussion posts that are made either in the general discussion feed or in group discussion feeds.

You can find a link to related Guides at the end of this Guide.

How to Post

You can either post in the general discussion feed or you can post within a group discussion feed .

General Discussion Feed

Navigating to the right place


Either – Add via ‘Home’
  • In the side panel of your computer screen  -  ‘All Ancestorian’‘Home’

This is the most straightforward way to find where to post.

Ancestorian usually automatically opens at this page on your computer and mobile phone (if you are already logged in) and this is where you view your discussion feed.

  • Add your post at the top of the page. It will then appear in the ‘All Ancestorian’ feed unless you limit who sees it in some way (see below)
Or – Add via your profile

There are a number of ways to navigate to ‘Discussion’ within your profile.

Alternatives are as follows:

Either -

  • In the side panel of your computer screen - ‘Your Profile’‘Discussion’

This is probably the most straightforward way of accessing a place to post via your profile if you are on a computer.


Or -

  • On the menu bar at the top of your screen – either: ‘You’‘View your Profile’, or ‘Profile’‘View Your Profile’.

This is probably the most     straightforward way of accessing on a mobile phone.

On a computer ...

Either -


Or -





On a mobile phone via the drop down hamburger menu -

  • Add your post at the top of the page. It will then appear in the ‘All Ancestorian’ feed unless you limit who sees it in some way (see below)



Who Will See Your Discussion Post?

  • You can choose the level of privacy you want for your post


  • Note that, not every member of Ancestorian will necessarily see your post even if you have set the privacy level as ‘Public’ or ‘Site Members’.  This is because under the ‘Activity’ tab where you view the general discussion feed (see above), members are given the option of choosing what they want to see in their general discussion feed. Consequently, there may be members who have this setting set at ‘Your Ancestorian’, for example.  These members will only see the posts of the members and groups they follow in their stream.


Group Discussion Feed

  • Open the group you want to post in
  • Under the title you will see the tabs: Discussion, Blogs, Photos, media etc. Select ‘Discussion’
  • With the ‘Discussion’ tab open, immediately below is the space for you to write your post.


  • Note that - 
    • you can only post in groups that you are a member of.
    • if you post in an open group, your post within the group will also appear in the general ‘All Ancestorian’ feed and is a public post.
    • If you post in a private group, your post will show up only in that group.
    • You can decide whether you want to see your own posts or just other people’s by selecting ‘Include my posts’ or ‘exclude my posts’ (just under where you post). This is about what you see in your feed not what others see.


  • For more detailed information about how to join, find and use groups see the relevant Ancestorian Guide (link below)



How to Find Your Posts Later

  • All the posts you make to the general discussion stream and the within group discussion streams are grouped together under your profile.


  • As detailed above, there are a number of ways to access posts under your profile.


  • The most straightforward way on a computer is via the side panel on your computer screen  – ‘Your Profile’  → ‘Discussion’.


  • The most straightforward on a mobile phone is via the Menu tab at the top of your screen – Either: ‘Menu’  → ‘You’‘View Your Profile’ Or ‘Menu’‘Profile’ ‘View Your Profile’


  • If you have posted a lot and are looking for a post in particular, you can make use of the Search function



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Since retiring I have had more time for research. I balance my time between tackling brickwalls and digging deeper into the life and times of ancestors to try to better understand them in the context of their own time and place. Some of my research has been written up as biographical narratives on my blog pages at:

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