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Below is some background to my Boon family which I hope I have managed to type up correctly.

My 3 x great grandfather GEORGE BOON was born in Piddington, Northamptonshire in 1765 and died in Sherington, Buckinghamshire in 1833. He was married twice. His first wife was SARAH LINDSEY who he married in Sherington in 1784. They had three children:

1 SARAH baptised 1785 Sherington.

2 GEORGE BOON baptised 1787 in Sherington. Married ANN ROSS in 1808. Six children including JAMES BOON who was baptised in Sherington in 1821 and was a shepherd who emigrated to Australia with his family on the Washington Irving in 1857. The family seem to have subsequently split up with his wife REBECCA LOCKWOOD moving to New Zealand.

3 JAMES baptised in Sherington 1789.

Following his first wife’s death in 1804, GEORGE married SUSANNAH BABBINGTON of Sherington in 1805. Susannah was a lacemaker and in the 1851 census is described as a widowed pauper lacemaker living with her son Daniel and his wife, also a lacemaker. George and Susannah had six children:

1 THOMAS 1806 - 1882

2 JOHN 1810 - 1888 (direct ancestor, see below)

3 JAMES 1813 - 1872 unlawfully killed Rum doings in Sherington: the Sherington murder - Milton Keynes Heritage Association (

4 DANIEL 1816 - 1893

5 CHRISTOPHER 1819 - 1899

6 ELIZABETH 1822 - 1823

The second child of GEORGE and SUSANNAH was my great great grandfather, JOHN BOON who was baptised in Sherington in 1810 and married SOPHIA AUSTEN there in 1832. He died of heart disease in Sherington on 8 May 1888. Sophia was a lacemaker and they had six children:

1 ELIZABETH 1833 -1834

2 THOMAS 1835 - 1909 (deaf and dumb from birth)

3 GEORGE 1838 - 1840

4 HENRY 1841 - 1842

5 JOSEPH 1843 - 1927 (my great grandfather, see below)

6 MARY ANN 1846 - 1866 (lace maker)

Their youngest son, JOSEPH BOON, my great grandfather was baptised on 26 Sept 1843 in Sherington. Joseph married three times. His first wife was MARY PARTRIDGE (1844-1872) who he married in Sherington on 12 Oct 1863. MARY died in 1872 aged 28 of ‘morbus cordis’.

They had two children:

1 LEHANNA b 1864, died 1881 aged 17, buried at Lathbury.

2 RICHARD SAMUEL b 1867. Married in Leyton, Essex in 1893 Died 1907 aged 38 in Southwark. Six children.

In 1874 JOSEPH married his second wife, my great grandmother, JANE FREEMAN 1849-1899 in nearby Lathbury. They had eight children:

1 ELIZABETH HARRIS BOON b 1875 Lathbury, Bucks. Emigrated to New Zealand as a domestic servant in 1906 and settled in the Marlborough area. Unmarried with no issue. Died in NZ in 1956.

2 GEORGE b 1876 Lathbury, d 1940 Buckinghamshire. Married with two children.

3 ARTHUR JOHN b Lathbury 1879. Worked as a horse keeper / groom before emigrating to Nelson, New Zealand sometime between 1901 and 1905. Died there in 1975. Married with 9 children.

4 THOMAS JAMES b 1883 Lathbury. Died Northamptonshire 1956. Married with three children.

5 FREDERICK WILLIAM b 1885 Lathbury. Farm labourer before emigrating to Nelson, New Zealand in 1913. Died in a drowning accident in NZ in 1919.

6 JOSEPH HENRY b Lathbury 1888. In 1908 enlisted in the Corps of the Hussars of the Line. Died of cancer in Lathbury in 1913 aged 25.

ERNEST EDWARD (pictured) b 1892 Lathbury. Left Buckinghamshire sometime before 1911 and settled in Tenterden, Kent. Worked as saddler and harness maker and served as such in the army in France during WW1. He married BERTHA VERA TREE in Tenterden and they had eight children.

8 HERBERT THOMAS HARRIS BOON b 1894 Lathbury, d 1894 Lathbury.

Joseph's wife JANE died June 1899 aged 50.

The following year JOSEPH married his third wife AMY ROSE DANIELLS nee JOHNSON and had a further five children (plus Amy’s son from her previous marriage)

1 ALBERT FRANCIS b Lathbury 1901. Joined the Royal Marines. Died in Oxford 1987.

2 CECIL CHARLES b 1902 Lathbury. Died Oxfordshire 1997.

3 MARIA / KEZIA LILIAN LOUISE b 1904 Lathbury. Died 1980.

4 BERTHA ELLEN b 1905 Lathbury, died 1964 in Canterbury, Kent.

5 VICTOR LOUIS b 1909 Lathbury, died 1992 Oxford (former college servant).

Also Amy’s son WALTER ERNEST JOHNSON, b 1889, killed 1916 France.

Joseph's obituray mentions 20 children, but I and other researchers have only ever made it 15.







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