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Every surname in Ancestorian has it's own page. There are a few things you can do on an Ancestorian surname page - even more if there are a few active researchers there. Let this guide show you around a surname page and introduce the possibilities.

1.) Visit a Surname Page - Add Surname as Research Interest

Here, we are seeing the page for Scotney

At the top of the page, if it isn't already one of your researched surnames, is a button to enable you to add it to 'Your Surnames'.
In this guide, 'evitester' had already added Scotney as one of his research interests but the name is not shown publicly in his account profile.


2.) Surname is 'Your Surname' and Public

Clicking the Public/Private toggle makes the surname research interest public.

Now, other users on Ancestorian can discover their shared interest in the Scotney name and reach out to 'evitester' via the message system or in a group.

3.) Find Researchers and Help for the Surname

A little further down the page you will find the Researchers/Experts/Historians section. You may find an advert first but unfortunately that is necessary to pay the huge hosting bills.

The members listed here are people like you who have added Scotney as a research interest and made it public. The guide was made using member 'evitester'. You see he is here in the list and because he is the logged in user, we see he is highlighted blue. This could be you!

You can click on a member's name to get to their profile and reach out to them. Maybe they can help with your Scotney research. 



4.) Places Where the Surname Appears

Ancestorian takes things a step further. We can see what places each surname is found in.

You can add places to this list via place pages... rather than here in the surname page. Visit the page of the place you want to add the surname to and use our 'What You Can Do on a Place Page' guide to find out how.

Otherwise, upload a GEDCOM using the button below the places list and all of your place and surname links will be found and added to Ancestorian.

5.) Surname Group - None? Create One!

Ancestorian is about community, so just like Facebook, we have the ability to start and join groups.

A powerful feature is that you can connect a group to a surname. If the surname you are viewing doesn't yet have a group, you can create it with one click on a button. You will become the first member and administrator of the group. 

6.) Surname Group - Visit and Join

'evitester' clicked the green 'Create Group' button and the page has reloaded. Now Scotney has an official group and 'evitester' is admin.

Any user visiting the Scotney page in the future will see this 'Visit Group' button and can go and join.

How many groups are you active in so far?

7.) Comments - Open Text

Finally, every surname page has a comments area. Just like on a Blog site, you can use your Facebook account to comment here. You can also choose to share your comment on Facebook, which will link it to this surname page on Ancestorian and can be a helpful way to share the page directly to your friends. 

About the author: Gregory Scowen Admin Icon
I am the founder and creator of Ancestorian. My own family history interests are broad though there is some focus on Suffolk, Scotland, Nova Scotia, New Zeland and Australia. Some interesting stories from my ancestry revolve around the Guise family (a big deal in France a few centuries ago) and the McKenzie migrations from Scotland through Nova Scotia and on to Australia and New Zealand where the McKenzie family were important pioneers.

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