Guide: How to Add a Missing Surname to Ancestorian

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1.) Visit the Search Surnames page

In the main (black background) menu bar, select:
Surnames → Search Surnames

2.) Search for a Surname

In this example, we have searched for ‘Fakery’

Fakery is not found in Ancestorian so we need to add it.

3.) Use the 'Add Surname to Ancestorian' Button

At the bottom part of the screen, use the huge green button to add your missing surname to Ancestorian.

A dialog box appears and and asks if this is the full surname. It is, so we can click 'Yes, Add it to Ancestorian' and the magic happens.


4.) Your Missing Surname was Added

Voila, your missing surname has been added to Ancestorian. You have been registered to it as a researcher of that surname and can now also be found by other users who research the same surname.

What's more, other users of Ancestorian can now also register themselves as researchers of the newly created surname.

You can see that the surname has been added and a surname page has been created in the small table beneath the green button you used to add it. Also, you can see and change the public/private status.

If you want to view the newly created surname page, you can click the surname link.

6.) Go and View the new Surname page

There are very powerful features available from surname pages on Ancestorian.

Read about them in our 'What You Can Do on a Surname Page' guide.

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I am the founder and creator of Ancestorian. My own family history interests are broad though there is some focus on Suffolk, Scotland, Nova Scotia, New Zeland and Australia. Some interesting stories from my ancestry revolve around the Guise family (a big deal in France a few centuries ago) and the McKenzie migrations from Scotland through Nova Scotia and on to Australia and New Zealand where the McKenzie family were important pioneers.

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