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The Updyke / op den Dyke family in Germany and America

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My 11th great grandfather Gilbert Updyke was the progenitor of most of the Updykes in the United States. He was baptized Gysbert op Dyck, September 25, 1605 in Wesel, Westphalia, Germany at the Willibrorde-Dom Cathedral. Gysbert/Gilbert was the son Lodowigh op den Dyck and Gertrudt van Wesek. His family had lived in Wesel since the 1200's many of them serving as treasurer, werkmeister, and schepen. He moved to New Netherlands around 1635, and served as commissary at Fort Good Hope from 1638 to 1640. This being a Dutch trading post located in what is now Hartford, Connecticut. In 1641 he returned to Germany for a very short stay, but was back in the New Netherlands in 1642 when he served as the commissary of provisions for the Dutch colony. The same year he signed a contract with Governor William Kieft for building a church. In 1644 he was granted a patent for Coney Island, the following year he signed a peace treaty with several native sachems, while also serving as a member of the Council of War. In 1647 he was the commander of Fort Good Hope. After the English took control of the Dutch colony in 1664 Gilbert moved to the Narragansett county of Rhode Island with most of his children, and settled near the home of his father-in-law, Richard Smith, at Cocumscussoc, now known as Smith's Castle, Wickford, Rhode Island. This picture is of his paternal line back to the 1200's. To what would be my 21st great grandfather Henric op den Dyck.
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