Findmypast Free Access Ahead of Remembrance Day

  • Explore the lives of your military ancestors and their families for free this Remembrance weekend
  • All UK, Irish, Australian, New Zealand, Canadian, US and world records will be completely free to search and explore from the 8th to the 11th November 2019

Leading British & Irish family history website, Findmypast, will be providing free access to their entire collection of military and civilian records ahead of Remembrance Day 2019.

From 12pm (GMT) Friday November 8th, until 12pm Monday November 11th, all records on Findmypast excluding newspapers, electoral rolls and the Periodical Source Index, will be completely free to search and explore.

This includes more than 85 million military records covering all three service branches of the British Armed Forces as well as the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland. Researches will be able to search for their ancestors in a variety of fascinating documents ranging from service records and pensions to medal rolls, POW records, casualty lists and more.

By providing free access to these detail rich documents, Findmypast is offering all visitors to the site the chance to honour the struggles and sacrifices endured by their military ancestors by telling their stories.

What’s more, all other records including censuses, births, marriages & deaths, wills, education & employment records, travel and social history records will also be free to use.

Free access to such a wide range of resources will enable researchers to paint a complete picture of their ancestor’s lives, before, after and during their military service, as well the impact it had on the wider family.


To use Findmypast for free this weekend, you simply need to sign up. Once you’re signed up, log in during the free period and you’ll be able to access all the records and features that would normally be included in a paid subscription. For more information, including our fair usage policy, read our free weekend terms and conditions.

*PLEASE NOTE - Records excluded from this free weekend promotion are:

  • All newspapers
  • The Periodical Source Index (PERSI)
  • UK Electoral Registers & Companies House Directors 2002-2019

To view any excluded records during the free access period, you’ll need a valid subscription.

About Findmypast

Findmypast (previously DC Thomson Family History) is the British-owned world leader in online family history with over 18 million registered users across its family of brands, which include Findmypast, Genes Reunited, the British Newspaper Archive and Twile. 

Its lead brand, also called Findmypast, is the home of the world’s most comprehensive online collection of British and Irish records, including:

  • The largest online collection of UK parish records
  • Twice the number of Irish records available on any other site
  • The British Library’s vast collection of historical newspapers
  • Military service records for all three branches of the British Armed Forces
  • The official home of the 1939 Register, in partnership with The National Archives

Findmypast is committed to making discoveries in the British Isles easier than ever before. It combines the best of British and Irish data with the knowledge of inhouse experts to provide a unique family history experience that guides researchers through every step of their journey. 

For more information on how Findmypast is enhancing the experiences of family historians worldwide, visit:

Ancestry DNA is on Sale in UK, Canada, USA and Australia

It's that time of the year again... Christmas is fast upon us. And that means one thing for sure... DNA sales. Here are the offerings from Ancestry DNA, sorted into each region.

Greg's Personal Experience
I have tested with FamilyTree DNA, 23andme, MyHeritage and Ancestry DNA.
This test has been the most productive regarding family connections and the features when combined with an Ancestry Tree are very helpful. So far as value-for-money goes, I always recommend this test above others.

United Kingdom

Ancestry DNA UK on Special - just £59 + postage

United States

Ancestry DNA USA is on sale - just $59 + postage


Ancestry DNA Australia is on sale - just $109 + postage


Ancestry DNA Canada is on sale - just $79 + postage

Disclaimer: despite this being my personal favourite, Ancestorian does receive a small commission on sales made through these links. This helps us to build the site, but we would recommend this test anyway, even without that wee incentive. At Ancestorian, we strongly believe in transparency. If you prefer to buy a test without supporting us, you can just visit the Ancestry site directly in your browser and get the same deal. 

Black Friday: Genealogy Deals Compiled in One Place

It's Black Friday!

Black Friday - Special Deals Starting on the 23rd November

Every year, Black Friday rolls around and folk all over the globe scramble to make the most out of the incredible deals that are to be had.  Family historians are no exception, pouncing on heavily discounted DNA test prices and, occasionally, on lowered subscription fees.

We've tried to compile as much information on deals that could be of interest to you in one place, here at Ancestorian. 

Please note that many of these deals won't show until the 23rd hits your locale. If that is the case, please return on Friday and follow the link then. 

Here goes...

DNA Tests

It seems that every DNA testing company is vying for our attention. The deals we know of are as follows:

Ancestry DNA

From Ancestry:

Let's help more people discover their unique family stories with what will be the holidays' most memorable gift. Only Ancestry:

  • Has helped 20 million members connect to a deeper family story

  • Combines the world's largest online collection of family history records with the largest consumer DNA network in the world

  • Delivers 2x more geographic detail than any other DNA test

Australia - Ancestry DNA - $88

United Kingdom - Ancestry DNA £49

Canada - Ancestry DNA $69   - 12:01am Eastern on November 23rd through to 11:59pm Eastern on November 26th

United States - Ancestry DNA $49 - midnight Eastern time on November 22nd through to 11:59 PM EST on November 26th


FindMyPast / Living DNA

From FindMyPast / Living DNA:


  • Findmypast in collaboration with Living DNA, has launched the most advanced biogeographical ancestry discovery experience on the market
  • This British brand partnership uses cutting-edge science to reveal users’ unique British and Irish heritage across 21 regions and is the first to connect DNA to Findmypast’s archive of more than 9 billion historical records
  • Findmypast and Living DNA’s combined service allows users to pinpoint exactly where in the UK their family roots come from and then use the findings to explore their family history in extensive archives
  • Those who have already taken a DNA test can upload their tests and make discoveries that only Findmypast DNA can provide
  • Special introductory Black Friday offer (see prices below) - ends Monday!

United Kingdom: £79 £59 - Living DNA  UK   - ending midnight (GMT) Monday 26th November

United States: $89 $59 - Living DNA US   - ending midnight Monday 26th November

Ireland: €89 €59 - Living DNA IE   - ending midnight Monday 26th November

Australia: $129 $99 - Living DNA AU   - ending midnight Monday 26th November


Family Tree DNA (FTDNA)

Family Finder - Family Tree DNA  $39 with international shipping for $9.99 (domestic kits have return shipping included, International kits do not)

Y-DNA - Family Tree DNA  Starting at $99

mtDNA Family Tree DNA  Starting at $139


Subscriptions to Record Sites


United States - Gift Subscriptions 50% off  - midnight Eastern time on November 22nd through to 11:59 PM EST on November 26th

It doesn't matter where you live, you can still use a US subscription the same as UK etc.

Also, it is possible to buy a gift subscription for yourself.


Books, Printers, Scanners, Cameras, Albums, Scrapbooks, etc at Amazon

Amazon runs fantastic time-limited deals and other promotions on Black Friday. This can be a perfect time to pick up that new camera you need to take photos of gravestones or to replace your printer that never seems to reproduce the colours you want. There are also often reference books that you might need in the sales.

The best way to be alerted of special items coming up for sale - in advance of many other users (you sometimes need to be first in to get the bargains) is to be a member of Amazon Prime.

Luckily, you can sign up for a Prime trial for free. If you cancel within 30 days, you won't be automatically renewed and you have paid nothing for the 30 days of benefits that you only get with Prime.

You can sign up for  a free Prime trial here: 

Genealogy Deals for Black Friday – Be First In at Amazon

Beat Black Friday Deals with a Free Prime Trial

Every year, Black Friday comes back around and millions of people all over the world race to get the best deals. Some of the best bargains are what Amazon calls 'Lightning Deals'. These are items that are available at a special price for a limited time and with a limited availability. We explain this a little more below - but rest assured, Lightning Deals are worth checking out.

Be the First to Know a Deal - FREE

Free 30 Day Amazon Prime Trial

Members of Amazon Prime get access to Lightning Deals before everyone else. 

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Amazon "Today's Deals" Page

Whether a member of Prime or not, you can view current deals at any time by visiting the Amazon Deals Page at your local Amazon. Even without Black Friday specials, there are normally deals to be found. Our link should lead you to the nearest Amazon store.

Today's Deals (early Black Friday deals) - Amazon

About Lightning Deals

Here is what Amazon tells us about Lightning Deals:

A Lightning Deal is a promotion in which a limited number of discounts are offered on an item for a short period of time.

All Lightning Deals appear on the "Today's Deals" page. To view this page, click the Today's Deals link above the search bar on any page. These deals are available at until either the time for that promotion expires or all the available promotional discounts are claimed. You can claim a particular deal once only.

When a Lightning Deal is available, here's what you'll see:

  • The item featured in the deal.
  • Any available variations of the item (for example: different sizes or colours).
  • The list price and the current price for the item on
  • The promotional discount amount and final price.
  • A status bar indicating the percentage of deals currently in customers' baskets or purchased.
  • A timer showing how long you have to add the item to your basket and claim the promotional discount.
  • An Add to Basket button if there are available promotional discounts.

Learn more About Promotional Pricing .

Note: When all the promotional discounts for a Lightning Deal are held by other customers, you'll see a Join Waitlist button and the status bar will show that 100% of the promotional discounts are currently being held in other customers' baskets or have already been used to purchase the deal. Learn more about how to Join a Lightning Deals Waitlist