Ancestry DNA is on Sale in UK, Canada, USA and Australia

It's that time of the year again... Christmas is fast upon us. And that means one thing for sure... DNA sales. Here are the offerings from Ancestry DNA, sorted into each region.

Greg's Personal Experience
I have tested with FamilyTree DNA, 23andme, MyHeritage and Ancestry DNA.
This test has been the most productive regarding family connections and the features when combined with an Ancestry Tree are very helpful. So far as value-for-money goes, I always recommend this test above others.

United Kingdom

Ancestry DNA UK on Special - just £59 + postage

United States

Ancestry DNA USA is on sale - just $59 + postage


Ancestry DNA Australia is on sale - just $109 + postage


Ancestry DNA Canada is on sale - just $79 + postage

Disclaimer: despite this being my personal favourite, Ancestorian does receive a small commission on sales made through these links. This helps us to build the site, but we would recommend this test anyway, even without that wee incentive. At Ancestorian, we strongly believe in transparency. If you prefer to buy a test without supporting us, you can just visit the Ancestry site directly in your browser and get the same deal. 


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