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How to Create a Blog Post

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  • Personal Blog Post
    To create a personal blog post, either use the main menu... select Blogs > Create a Blog Post


    On a desktop computer, there is a Blog menu in the right column. Click 'Create a Blog Post' on this menu.

    Group Blog Post
    If you want to create a blog post in a group that you are a member of, within the group, select the Blogs tab (far right of tab menu) and then Click 'Create'






  • The form that you arrive at looks the same regardless of whether you are writing a personal or group blog post.

  • Simply give your post a title and confirm you are not a robot... the click Create Draft
  • Your draft has been created and you are taken to a screen with all of your Blog posts (personal and group)

  • You can see if a post is in a group based on the tags with a green background. This post is in the 'Support' group

  • Click 'Edit' to continue working on your post
  • In the Blog post edit page, you see the title and status. The status is currently draft. This means only you see the post

  • On the right of the post edit form, you can see we are in 'Visual' mode - the Visual tab is green- if you know HTML code and want to edit that, change to Text mode.

  • You can write in a form and create a post. If you want a picture, click add media. If you just want one picture  -your 'Featured Image'... add this below

  • If you add a PDF in Add Media, it will display in a viewer when your Blog is published.

  • You can add bold, italics, underline, ists and more.
    You can also set a line to be a heading or normal paragraph etc
  • Below the main content form, you can add some tags to help people find your post

  • On the right, you can select and upload a featured image. This image is shown small next to the title in blog lists.... and shown large at the top of a post. A featured image looks best when at least 780 x 430 pixels in size






  • When you return to the edit screen, you won't see the featured image yet. You need to click Save, below in the action buttons, to cause the image to upload

  • The actions buttons at the bottom are where you can save and publish
  • After clicking save, you see the preview of the featured image
  • Finally, when you want to save or publish you need to use the action buttons at the bottom of the page

  • The actions work as follows:
    • Save - Save your progress and stay on this page
    • Save & Return - Save your progress and return to your Blog list. You can continue later
    • Publish - Save your progress and publish the blog post, making it public
    • Delete - Delete the post and your progress
    • Cancel - Return to your Blog list without saving any edits or deleting your post


@peepso_user_1485(Suffolk Kiwi)
Sure... go to 'Edit Your Blog Posts' and find the draft you want to print.
Click the 'Preview' button and it will open the post for you. Then just tell your web browser to print.
2 years ago
@peepso_user_2769(Heather Bradshaw)
@peepso_user_1485(Gregory Scowen) many thanks. Because I was right clicking on an image at the top rather than the text the print option didn't come up. I've got it sorted now, thanks.
@peepso_user_2769(Heather Bradshaw)
Sorry me again being dense - if I set my blog to private does that mean only people on this site can see it (which is what I'd prefer)?
2 years ago
@peepso_user_1485(Suffolk Kiwi)
@peepso_user_2769(Heather B.) Actually, I see you have somehow made the post completely private. No one can see it... just you and me (as super admin).
That shouldn't even be possible... you must have found the secret switch.

I will remove that level of privacy.
We definitely want people seeing that post... it is absolutely brilliant.
@peepso_user_2769(Heather Bradshaw)
@peepso_user_1485(Gregory Scowen) thanks Greg. I thought I was totally losing the plot for awhile ?
2 years ago
@peepso_user_1485(Suffolk Kiwi)
@peepso_user_2769(Heather B.) It wasn't you... I had lost the plot. ? But I lost it long ago.
@peepso_user_1485(Suffolk Kiwi)
Blog posts are always public.
When you see the Blog create form offering you to create a 'Personal' blog post, that is because it is currently set to be in a group and is giving you the chance to just make it a Blog post from you... not for a group.

But Blog posts can't be private... the intention is for you to share stories and ideas in the posts.
2 years ago