Ancestorian Has Cut Down our Tree

Along with removing tree from the name (Ancestorian > Ancestorian), we have cut down the tree in our logo.

Online Community

Ancestorian is not a family tree hosting site... we are an online community of Ancestorians (family historians, ancestry researchers, genealogists) who interact with each-other, helping our fellow Ancestorians through the swapping of knowledge, stories and soon... documents, books and records - in our 'first of it's kind' community library. 

Therefore. it is fitting that we don't have a tree in our logo or name anymore, so that there can be no confusion. 

We hope you like the new identity as much as we do.

Greg, Judy, Lesley and Ann

About the author: Ancestorian New VIP Icon
I am the founder and creator of Ancestorian. My own family history interests are broad though there is some focus on Suffolk, Scotland, Nova Scotia, New Zeland and Australia. Some interesting stories from my ancestry revolve around the Guise family (a big deal in France a few centuries ago) and the McKenzie migrations from Scotland through Nova Scotia and on to Australia and New Zealand where the McKenzie family were important pioneers.
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