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Simeon Edward EASY

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Simeon Edward EASY

Mount Morgan Cemetery Register

Section: 3, Row: N3, Grave: 141, HS,

Notes: Permit 10/05/04

Simeon’s  name is on the Linda Memorial.


Headstone reads

In Sad & Loving Remembrance

Of Simeon Easy Who Was

Accidently Killed

At Mount Morgan on the

12th January 1902 Aged 27 yrs

Gone but not Forgotton

Erected by his Sorrowing Widow.



The Brisbane Courier, Qld. Wed 15 Jan 1902 P 7

Fatal Accident at Mount Morgan

The Under Secretary for Mines received the following wire from Mount Morgan yesterday: - A fatal accident occurred in Mount Morgan mine late yesterday evening.  A miner named Simeon Easy, while timbering in 54 stoop, hurt his hand.  After resting awhile, he started in the cage for the Linda floor to get his hand dressed.  He was afterwards picked up at the bottom of the shaft much mutilated.  It is thought he fainted while going up in the cage.

The Mount Morgan Argus, 17 Jan 1902

Fatality in the Mine.

On Tuesday morning a rumour soon spread through the town that a man had been killed during the night at the Linda workings.  On making inquiries, we found that the man’s name was Samuel Easy, a miner well known in Mount Morgan as he has resided here for upwards of fourteen years.  It appears that Easy was at work timbering and hurt one of his fingers.  He went up in the cage to get it attended to and then the next thing that was seen of him was his dead body, which was found at the bottom of the shaft in a fearfully mutilated state.  It is conjectured that Easy must have fainted on his way up in the cage and fallen between it and the side of the shaft.  The body evidently had been dragged up some distance and when released had fallen to the bottom.  The skull was completely taken off.  This is the first fatal accident which has taken place in the Linda workings.  Deceased was a married man and lived on the Cemetery Road.  The funeral took place on Tuesday afternoon from the hospital and was attended by the members of the Protestant Alliance Society. 

The miners employed in the Linda and on the Open Cut knocked off at half past three and together with the principal mining staff joined the cortege which was one of the largest ever seen here.  An enquiry will be held at an early date.

 The Morning Bulletin, Rockhampton, Qld. Mon 3 Mar 1902 P3

Death of Simeon Easy

I am given to understand that the directors of the Mount Morgan Gold mining Company have signified their intention of heading a subscription list in aid of the widow of the late Simeon Easy with £200 and have given permission for subscription lists to be sent through the works.  It will be remembered that Easy met his death recently at the Linda workings by an accident which, according to the evidence at the inquiry, was in no way attributable to the company or its employees, so that the action of the directors speaks for itself.

Mount Morgan, 27th February, 1902.


 The Capricornian, Rockhampton, Qld. Saturday 26 April 1902 p 15


Easy. On the 21st, at the residence of her sister, Mrs. Dunmall, 264 George street, Rockhampton, the wife of the late Simon Edward Easy, of a son.






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