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I feel a sense of sadness when a line of the family just dies out.  This is what happened to my half G Uncle & half G Aunt.

My 2nd G Grandmother, Mary Ann Flower supposedly married George Lindfield and then gave birth to 3 children, George 1847 in Winchester, Hampshire, Silva Ann 1850 in Hastings, Sussex & Richard Thomas 1851 St. Mary Magdalen, Sussex.  Little George died in Hastings 1849 & Silva the following year. Richard Thomas Lindfield was born on the 16 July 1851 and four months later, on the 18th Nov 1851, Mary’s husband, George, died in St. Mary Magdalen, Sussex.  He was a millwright & died from Phthitis. He was 35 years of age.

Two years later, a daughter, Sarah, was born to Mary Ann in St. Mary Magdalen on the 17 Sep 1853.  No father was listed on her birth cert. 

Almost 2 years later a son, Henry Bellingham, was born to Mary Ann & Samuel Bellingham, 3 months before the couple married.

On the 7 Aug 1856, Samuel Bellingham, his wife Mary Ann, Richard Thomas & little Henry, left England aboard the ‘Euphrates’, bound for Victoria, Australia.  Richard Thomas travelled under the name Richard Bellingham.  Young Sarah Lindfield was to remain with Samuel Bellingham’s parents in Goudhurst, Kent, until October 1862, when they also sailed for Australia.  Sarah also went by the name of Bellingham for her journey.

Young Richard Thomas Lindfield, who had taken to farming in the Avenel area of Victoria, married Mary Jane FIELD in Williamstown, Victoria, on 8 June 1873.  Two little girls were born, Sarah Jane – born & died in 1872 and Margaret Anne in 1875.  Nine years later, in 1884, Richard’s wife died.

Times were tough and in 1895, Richard was sentenced  to three months imprisonment for illegally using sheep that he had taken from a neighbours property.  He was then to lose his farm, stating that he was badly in arrears, and unable to do much in the last four years because of stock losses and bad health (rheumatism).

It was about this time that Richard vanished from Australia and it took me years before I found him in Canada, after having spent some time in South Africa, where he had a partner & a whole new family.  His wife was Katherine Murphy but I am yet to find their marriage.  Three children were born in South Africa, Kathleen Victoria, Richard Thomas & Samuel Henry.  Then after their arrival in Canada, a daughter, Mary Olive, was born there in 1911. Baby Richard Thomas died in South Africa at age 6 months. Of these children, only Kathleen went on to marry but never had children.

Richard’s sister, Sarah, married James Aynsley, in Victoria in 1880.  She also was not to have any children.

So unless Richard’s surviving daughter, Margaret Anne from his first marriage, was to have children, this line is no longer.  At the age of 18, Margaret Anne Lindfield married George Redpath NISBET in Melbourne, Victoria, in 1893.  George was born in Edinburgh & stated that he was a mariner.  Then they vanish.





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I have been researching for a little over 30 years & have written a few books on my direct families. This is what I wrote in the forward of my first book, back in 2002.
I can’t say exactly why I have been so drawn to the hobby of genealogy. I think the interest has been there since I was a teenager. I can remember purchasing a small book on the subject, when I was about 16. I read it, didn’t quite understand most of it, put it away, raised my children and when they were older I purchased my own birth certificate. That was the beginning of an obsession. It was a rather slow process back then and never in my wildest dreams did I think it would go this far. I wrote countless letters to everyone and anyone and if the postie didn’t deliver some news on a weekly basis, I would almost go into depression. These days, with the help of a computer and that wonderful resource, the Internet, information is at one’s fingertips.

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