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Mount Morgan Cemetery Register

Section: 3, Row: 03, Grave: 131, HS, Age: 38.

Recorded as John MANNION

Died: 28 Aug 1903

Qld. BDMs has Death Date 20 Aug 1903.


Headstone reads –

In Loving Remembrance Of

My Dear Husband John Manion

Who Was Killed at the Linda

Augst 20th 1903 Aged 38 years


Our Beloved Daughter Kathline

Died 5th July 1902 Aged 12 months


Our Beloved Daughter Kathline

Died 27th Augst 1903 Aged 11 weeks

Erected By His Loving Wife & Children




Gympie Times and Mary River Mining Gazette, Qld. Sat 22 Aug 1903 p3

Mount Morgan, August 20.

A sad accident, with fatal results, occurred in the Mount Morgan Company’s mine this morning at 1 o’clock. John Manion, a miner, who was engaged at No. 27 floor drilling a hole before blasting, had just finished, and was removing the slabs from the timber set when about three tons of rock came down and struck him, jamming him against the timber. He got away with the assistance of a mate, and was taken up the shaft and out of the mine to the hospital, but when half-way up he died on the stretcher, having apparently been injured inwardly. The unfortunate man leaves a widow in bad health and four children. He was formerly in business as a hotelkeeper. A peculiar thing is that another member of the family was killed a couple of years ago in a somewhat similar manner.

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I have been researching for a little over 30 years & have written a few books on my direct families. This is what I wrote in the forward of my first book, back in 2002.
I can’t say exactly why I have been so drawn to the hobby of genealogy. I think the interest has been there since I was a teenager. I can remember purchasing a small book on the subject, when I was about 16. I read it, didn’t quite understand most of it, put it away, raised my children and when they were older I purchased my own birth certificate. That was the beginning of an obsession. It was a rather slow process back then and never in my wildest dreams did I think it would go this far. I wrote countless letters to everyone and anyone and if the postie didn’t deliver some news on a weekly basis, I would almost go into depression. These days, with the help of a computer and that wonderful resource, the Internet, information is at one’s fingertips.

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Such a sad story, My heart bleeds for them.
1 day ago