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John Lyall FINLAY

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John Lyall FINLAY

Headstone reads –
Sacred to
The Memory of
John Lyall FINLAY
Accidently killed
21 Oct 1916
Aged 38 years.

Erected by His Loving Wife and Son.

Morning Bulletin Rockhampton, Qld. Mon 23 Oct 1916. P4
A sad accident occurred on Saturday at the Pony Pacing and Trotting Club's Hospital meeting, writes our Mount Morgan correspondent. A jockey named John Finlay, who was riding Denham Tower in the All Comers' Handicap, the distance of which was five furlongs, was smashed against a tree near the entrance gates and received injuries to the back and right side of his head which proved fatal. There were no spectators at this particular spot and it is hard to learn what happened, but it is said that Finlay was riding second last in a field of five, and was clear of the other horses. When nearing the tree his stirrup leather broke, causing him to lose his seat and swing the horse off the track. Another version is that the horse's shoulder gave way. The tree which he struck is about 3 ft. inside the track. Dr. Luddy, who was present, hurried to the scene and ordered Finlay's removal to the Hospital. The instructions were carried out by the Ambulance, but on the road Finlay expired. He was a married man and leaves a wife and a boy, eleven years of age, for whom keen sympathy will be felt.
Finlay was largely known throughout the Central District. He was a skilled horse-man and had been riding in Mount Morgan for the past twenty years. He will also be remembered as a Mount Morgan representative footballer of some years ago. He was thirty-eight years of age.
The funeral took place this afternoon and was largely attended. The Engine-drivers' and Firemen's Association, Australian Natives' Association, the various football clubs, and the jockeys were represented.
The horse Denham Tower trotted down the course after the accident with difficulty. He was then led up towards the booth, where he fell and died. The horse was owned by Mr. M. Brady.

Alongside John’s headstone is another older headstone, that of Nigel Alex Lawrie FINLAY.

Headstone reads -
In Memory of
Our Beloved Brother,
Nigel Alex Lawrie Finlay
Departed this Life
May 31st 1892.
Aged 13 years & 3 months

Hush. Blessed are the Dead
In Jesus Arms Who Rest
And Lean Their Weary Head
Forever on His Brest

By his
Brothers & Sisters

Morning Bulletin, Rockhampton, Qld Sat 4 Jun 1892 p1
FINLAY.—At Mount Morgan, on 31st May, Nigel Alexander Finlay. Aged 13 years. Home papers please copy. .

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I have been researching for a little over 30 years & have written a few books on my direct families. This is what I wrote in the forward of my first book, back in 2002.
I can’t say exactly why I have been so drawn to the hobby of genealogy. I think the interest has been there since I was a teenager. I can remember purchasing a small book on the subject, when I was about 16. I read it, didn’t quite understand most of it, put it away, raised my children and when they were older I purchased my own birth certificate. That was the beginning of an obsession. It was a rather slow process back then and never in my wildest dreams did I think it would go this far. I wrote countless letters to everyone and anyone and if the postie didn’t deliver some news on a weekly basis, I would almost go into depression. These days, with the help of a computer and that wonderful resource, the Internet, information is at one’s fingertips.

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