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Vincent John HAYMAN

Vincent John HAYMAN Mount Morgan Burial Register Section: A1, Row: 100, HS. Age 50, Notes: section B. Occupation: Labourer. Death Date is recorded as 6th Oct 1953. (Qld. BDMs has Death as 4 Oct 1953)   Headstone reads – Sacred to the Memory Of Vincent John HAYMAN 2/26 Batt. A.I.F. Who was Accidently Killed On 4th Oct. 1953   Truth, Brisbane, Qld. Sun 4 Oct 1953 …

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A letter written by Dr George Horne DD on the 31st May 1791

I transcribed this letter in 2005 that Dr George Horne DD wrote to his daughter Sarah, (known as Sal or Sally) in 1791. How blessed to have this sort of information in my tree. George Horne, Bishop of Norwich, suffered a stroke followed by his death 2 weeks later, on the 17th January 1792, whilst holidaying in Bath….