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About Us

Who is Ancestorian?

Ancestorian is not a part of a corporate website. We are not owned by any organisation or company. Ancestorian was created by a small development team using various open source software tools combined with months of dedicated work to make everything function as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Ancestorian is self-funded and non-profit.

The site is a community effort and is moderated by a team of volunteers - whom you will see frequently contributing. They include:

  • Judy Brodie - (Australia) - Co-Founder, Admin, Active User - (Judy Brodie)
  • Jane Chapman - (New Zealand, ex UK) - Admin, Active User - (JaneChapman)
  • Lesley Avery - (Australia) - Admin, Active User - (Yelsel2)
  • Alison Gilewski - (Australia) - Admin, Active User - (aligil)
  • Ann Taylor - (UK) - Admin, Active User - (Ann Taylor)
  • Robert (Robbie) Idle - (Germany) - Developer, Non-User, Slowly becoming interested in genealogy